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Hey everyone! I'm attempting to create a platformer with, what I assume, are relatively simple mechanics, but I can't quite get the Wall Sliding to work correctly.

I want my player to switch to an image I've created when touching a specific type of block (when they interact with a vertical edge, a special type of actor I've created that is different from the horizontal platforms). However, my player switches to the Wall sliding image for a split second, and then goes back to Left/Right graphics assigned. Even if I stay pressed against the surface of the vertical block (which is how I want it to behave) it still only stays for a split second and then switches back.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!


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    Setting up multiple animations/images is a little tricky but basically you want to decide what has precidence over another if your using booleans which is normally my jump animation.(changing an integer is another way to set up multiple animations)

    Don't forget you can mirror the art in GS to save doing extra animations.

    Im guessing you have something like if overlaps or collides with vertical wall change image, otherwise change to default?

  • DessekDessek Posts: 14

    Correct. How would you suggest I set it up so it takes precedence? I'm relatively new to Gamesalad, so there are a lot of things I don't know yet ha

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    Wondering…have you got bounciness set at 0 in the physics of both actors? Could it be its hitting the wall and bouncing off slightly?

    Bit hard to say without seeing the rules you have set up or the project file.

  • DessekDessek Posts: 14

    They're both at 0. I believe it's a pretty standard setup. Left and Right movement animations, a jump image etc. I setup a LeftWallSlide block, and RightWallSlide block and then in my player setup a collide rule that says when colliding or overlapping with w.e block change image to LWSImage etc.

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