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My question is this: I had recently made a game and right now I am in the Ad-Hoc testing stage. When I made the game, I made it so that the victory screen pops up whenever a player gets a certain score or passes that score, per level. For the sake of guessing, let's say the score was 1,000. When I would press a button and the score was at 100 or even 10 for that matter, the victory screen would pop up without warning. Is there any way to fix this issue?


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    what is your victory screen just an actor right?
    you could add a rule to say
    when all conditions are happening.
    - if score >= 1000
    - spawn the victory screen

    then your victory screen actor can destroy itself after 1 second or something.

  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 10,722

    Without seeing your rules, it's impossible to know. Can you post a screenshot of them?

  • My apologizes, The Victory screen is an actor that appears under certain rules. I uploaded the screenshot.

  • Would you need to see a screen shot of the scoring system or no?

  • Any Suggestions on what I should do?

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    The rule you showed is triggered when game.Play... is greater than or equal to 45,000.

    1. What happens if you turn that rule off and score ≥ 45,000? Does it still change scenes when the score is "100 or even 10"?
    2. What happens when you have that rule turned on and add a Log Debugging Statement to that rule? Does it show up in the Debugger window when that rule should trigger?

    I would add game.Play... to the expression in the Log Debugging Statement so that you can see what value is actually triggering that rule (it could be different then you think). What value(s) are triggering that rule?

  • I'll try that today and send you a message if it works.

  • The Play expression is short for Player Score, that was something I should I have mentioned earlier.

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