Zombies in Moscow - bloody 2d shooter preview


Just wanted to post a gameplay video of my current project Zombies in Moscow
Please tell me what you think. I'd appreciate any comments/advise


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    Hi @manoolgames , nice video, but I noticed one thing, your main charactor is a bit slow, it seems he is dragging, you need to make him fast!! Check mario videos at youtube u see how fast they jump or move!! I had same issue before in my previous game n was bad exp... U may try to fasten the bullets too.. this my comments :smiley:

  • Thanks @Nabbo. That's really helpfull! Now that you mentioned the speed I noticed that jumping is particularly slow. The acceleration should make the game more dynamic
    Thanks again!

  • Looking good but I agree with Nabbo. You should speed things up a bit.

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,245

    @manoolgames looking great ! i love 2d platformers and I agree with the rest it would be better if you speed it up , good luck :)

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