My First App Story

KBE_alexKBE_alex Posts: 4Member, PRO

I finally published my first app today. Is it the best app in the world? Of course not but it’s a proof of concept. It was a project I made from scratch from beginning to end. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I don’t care if this app gets 10 downloads or 10,000,000 downloads, it has served its purpose for me by giving me a journey that has taught me:
-how to use basic Gamesalad features
-how to use Photoshop
-how to create sounds
-how to publish on the Google Play store
-how to use AdMob
-And countless things that would take took long to mention

It’s a little rough around the edges but I feel that I have learned from my several mistakes while creating this project. Feel free to take a look at the game, give it a shot and post your honest thoughts about it.

Its only available on Google Play Store as of right now:


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