When testing my game everything works great but other times.......

Hello, I'm testing my game on my iPhone, sometimes everything works like it is suppose to and then other times it's not. If the code is correct shouldn't it work well all the time? Some times certain things fire when there should be a delay before hand, sometimes the lag is really bad etc. Should this stop me from continuing the process of submitting game? Let me continue by saying that I am one step above a Leadite. My computer skills are embarrassing. I really like GameSalad, for me it's easy to understand. Any way, should I be worried about this problem? Has any one else encountered this problem?


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    Usually that means that there is something wrong with your code/logic. Can you be more specific on the type of game you're making and which part of it isn't working? If it's a specific mechanic, can you post a screenshot of the code so w can see the setup?

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    @Bradon_SFX, of course, it is a simple matching game. every time you match you get a coin ( in this case I call them shields) when you miss a match, it takes away a shield. it should be set up so that after you get 250 shields you can unlock an event ( in this case a score streak). I have an image on top of the score streak that says locked. once you have 250 you touch the locked image and after 1.2 sec. the image destroys and reveals the score streak that was under it that then once touched it will start the event.
    could not get all in the picture, all it says after the timer is destroy this actor

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    maybe this is better

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    I hope I'm not violating guideline #5 in the "Forum Rules and Guidelines". I'm not looking for a free lunch.

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