Profanity Filter For Leaderboard Names

TheAJTurnerTheAJTurner Posts: 18Member, PRO

Hello everyone,

So I have discovered AppFormative which lets you implement leaderboards and other online features into your game. However, they do not allow you to edit the leaderboards at all.

I have a text attribute in my game called "UserName." Players are able to choose a name when they play the game, and this is the name that is sent to AppFormative if you beat your high score.

However, my game is supposed to be family friendly, so I do not want it to be possible to use any sort of profanity in your username that could appear on the leaderboards. Does anyone know of a way to create some sort of profanity filters in a game that could detect if a word is being used in your username, and change it to "****" or "ERROR" or something along those lines.

I have found profanity lists online for filters like these, I am just not sure of a way to use it in my game. I have tried using the rule "If attribute contains" but I dont believe this works with lists.

If anyone has any ideas this could be a huge help to me!


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