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Hi, I am a beginner of gamesalad.

I would like to know if there any way to display any one of the answer (correct or wrong) between two variable?
The game is like a multiple choice quiz, but one thing different is I would like to display the correct or wrong answer at one time for user to choose within an actor, because I will have nine actor instance, so would like sometimes display correct answer and something display wrong answer, and do not want to display the correct answer in at the same instance all the time.

Is it possible to do that? Any OR function in gamesalad?

The reason why I don't want to use the table to store the question is the question need to be stored in the table, and can not make a dynamic equation.

Another question is, is the table possible to store functions?


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    Start with any of the trivia/quiz templates at

    This might be helpful, too, although I haven't watched it:

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