Checking an images properties?

Hey GS fans!

Quick question, is it possible to have gamesalad check the Dimensions of an image and then have it resize the sprite accordingly? eg my image is 1024x798 and the next image is 798x298?

basically can Gamesalad check an images properties?


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    If you click the image inside of GS it will open in preview on a mac and you can check its size.

    Not exactly sure by"have it resize image" means? Automatically or something you want to change it to??

    Are you on a Mac??

    If you click on image it will open in preview automatically. Tools and Adjust size. It will show size and you can alter to any size you want.

    But not sure if that is what you are trying to do. ??

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    No, you can't determine the size of an actor's image from within GameSalad during runtime.

    But you could name the images systematically and have the actor change its size based on the image names. For example, you could name your images 1024.png and 798.png and then have rule(s) that adjust the actor size.

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