First time using IAP, question

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Hey everyone. This community has always been awesome for me in the past when it comes to answering questions.

I'm about to release an update for Jump Jack with a bonus level pack that can be purchased with an IAP.

I've read through the documentation and I think I've got my rules set up correct.
I've got a scene you go to that has a button to click to buy the pack.

The actor for the button has these rules:
REQUEST PURCHASE DATA: callback: self.callback

RULE: IF self.callback = 1 and touch is pressed then:

Then I will use a rule to check the purchase table to make sure that item is purchased and it will take you to the bonus level selection screen

Two Questions:

  1. Does everything above look correct?

  2. When a user exists the game and comes back in, will that purchase table still say that the item has been purchased so they can go straight into the bonus level screen. Or do I need to have the action "REQUEST PURCHASE DATA" on the start up screen so that the game knows that it has been purchased? Right now I only have that action in the IAP menu screen.

Thanks everyone.


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