Native Desktop App/PC standalone exe of a GS game works!

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I used crosswalk to create a .exe of the game from it's html5 files. The game runs in it's own window, and it runs perfectly on PC. The only glitch that occured is that there's no sound. Anyways, some vids from the PC version standalone executable of the game I'm working on. : D Very exciting. Even better performance than desktop html5.

Phreit Nor vs Salamandris:

Grafto vs DAF:

Pif vs two bosses

Ritrika in tutorial mode

Edit: Rayburst is a high-speed, action oriented side scroller where the levels are usually battlefields you maneuver around, fighting against incredibly challenging enemies.

Edit2: Screenshot of the game running in it's own window. : D


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    Just be careful going forward as some of the new features of 1.25 won't be supported in HTML 5 right away. I know that since HTML 5 doesn't natively support custom fonts they had to build special code to output that support and it is working and they are working on the custom collision support for HTML 5 which is currently not supported.

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    Thank you for the comment, Lost_Oasis_Games, I'll take precautions going forward. I have a third boss character, which I was going to build using the new pin feature.

    When using the html5 files as the base for an android app using Cocoon, the jittery effect in 1.25 is removed, although processing requirements go up a bit, so if the game is small and light, but suffering from the jitters in 1.25, going html5>android could be a quick solution to the problem. I'll post about this seperately.

    Then I remembered somebody months ago on the GS forums used Nw.js to turn an html5 game into a desktop app{jonmulcahy I believe}, so I decided to do the same, although I used crosswalk instead. There are a few others people can use to wrap their html5 files for targeting other platforms.

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