2 Years Complete!! Here is what I learned! -- Hints for new comers & community

Hello All,
I am really happy that I have completed 2 years of GS!! Well everything did not go good but I learned a lot!! Here is my summary:

Launch of First Game: Zango's Shark Treasure - Well, it did go bad but I learned a lot .. here is what I learned as I wanted to share my exp, Here is best practice from my exp:
1. Don't make crazy long tutorial!!
2. Don't add too much logic that you cannot explain through tutorial!! It happened to me and it was worst :smile:, just remember that users are very low in logic to digest logics or more specifically user hate change(like windows 8 u can guess)!! add few great logics..
3. Don't add to much features!! This destroyed my game and time!! Just stick to a very few features!! Please don' t!! No no don't add just any extra features!! just remember once your game goes good then add feature one by one..
4. Most importantly keep the control easy and fluent, remember you need to test it on all devices (mobile and Tablets)!! Add multitouch for all buttons!! Remember to test it logically (use your brain!!) like for eg. on horizontal oriented mobile or tablet (depending upon game) it is better to create a logic that when you press right button a character moves right and vice versa instead of holding one finger and scrolling it ( as it becomes difficult to hold phone and tablet with one hand and using other hand to scroll right and left on the screen!!)
5. Games are more hit when the buttons are very less or have a very simple logic (check flappy bird!!)
6. Increase the button touch durability (in illustrator) by putting the button in middle of larger invisible square (transparency 0.01) and export it so that buttons are easy to press!!
7. Graphic plays a very importact role!!
8. Finishing touch is very important!!
9. Keep backup!! Now a days cloud drive is free keep up there (One drive etc.).. I was lucky I copied my projects before I drop my portable hard disk and distroyed my whole project's backup there :neutral:
10. Ask for help and testing, and please ask if any changes is needed remember to get feedback early on your development before its too late!!
11. Dont Bombared with ads!! I hate playing games that bombarred ads esp. pop-up ads!! Add ads but on pause or loosing or keep it minimum.. remember this if you are planning to have loyal followers!!
12. Make website & facebook!! You need to tell people what are you making dont just launch without out telling people about ur game!! Dont bombared with useless information on facebook you will get unlike soon!!
13. Dont get heart broken!! Remember that failures result in great exp like I learned a lot!!
14. Make great video on your game and put it on app store!! It literally keeps the download flowing!!
15. Lastly support GS, its a best engine that gave us hope for developing games as a noob (Yupp I am not kool at programming but great at logic!!)

I will share more hints if you like it!! Ask me anything, I love to answer!!

Currently my working games:
1. Zango's Shark Adventure (still work in progress)
2. Stupid Duck (Launch are 1.25 update)
3. Rocket Jump (Planning to launch this month's end )
4. AoD: Age of Dragons (still work in progress .. going great)
5. Others soon to be anounced. I have great plans .. wish me luck..

Visit my Page: (My brother is helping me in making a new website, will update you all)
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