Game bug or gamesalad bug in spawning and adding new actors to the scene?

pranshudhungana21pranshudhungana21 Posts: 20Member, PRO

So i have been happily making my game but suddenly after i forgot to save and everything has been bugging for example when i put a new actor or try to spawn actors every other scrip stops working look at the zip file below . I have been trying to find a solution for like a week now hopefully someone might be able to help.


  • pranshudhungana21pranshudhungana21 Posts: 20Member, PRO

    has anyone tried the game and found any problems with it?

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,471Member, PRO
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    i just checked it ,here is what i found.

    in your player actor you have a rule if overlaps or collides with spike1 or spike2 or chainsaw then destroy , if you turn this off the game functions again, if you turn it on , everything in the game stops.

    If you turn it on and you delete the chainsaw actor from screen everything functions correctly , so the problem is mainly with the chainsaw actor.

    Remove the custom collision from chainsaw actor and everything works again. I dont know the reason thats why i explained , hope it helps :)

  • pranshudhungana21pranshudhungana21 Posts: 20Member, PRO

    Ok thanks so much

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