AppFormative - Setup issue (what am I doing wrong?)

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I'm hoping @Hopscotch may be able to point me in the right direction here!:

I've followed the basic and extended setup for Appformative, but are having a problem sending/receiving data.

Basically I have the basic/extended setup in an actor in my initial scene. All works as expected when previewing the project on my Mac ('first contact', 'second contact' and 'third contact' all return a 1 value. But when I create a build of the project I find it only runs as expected on the first startup.

On the second startup the 'first contact' returns a 1 - but then the 'second contact' and 'third contact' remain at 0.

I've gone over the code numerous times, all matches the setup guide.

Once I've received the 'third contact' callback the only rule I have is to record the Seconds Since Launch from the table to a game attribute.
Does anyone have any ideas where I'm going wrong?



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