The GameSalad May (2016) Game of the Month is...

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Roll Turtle — by @kirafu !

Congratulations to @kirafu — the developer of our May GameSalad Game of the Month!

Roll Turtle is an absolutely breathtaking game and is a truly unique example of what can be done with GameSalad! From immediately likable characters, detailed yet clean graphics, attention to detail with sound design and catchy music @kirafu has surely created a great hit game with responsive controls, and levels that might be enjoyably easy to finish, yet are satisfyingly challenging to master. On top of all this, the game supports both phones and tablets and plays impressively well even on dated and non-retina devices! It's obvious a lot of work went into this game, as many Forum users know fully well, having followed the developer thread where @kirafu regularly posted and interacted with the community. We would love to see many more games like this in the future. Be sure to check out Roll Turtle on the App Store!


Shortlist for May:

While we picked Roll Turtle to be the May winner, Minimal Maze, Brick Breaker Farm Rescue and Danger Drone were also great games! These games may be submitted in the June submissions batch to be reconsidered for the GotM!

Also, this month, we have decided to award an Honorable Mention for Visual Design to the game King and the Dead. Simple and uniquely elegant, this game’s visual style is on a very professional level!

Congrats again to our May Game of the Month Winner!


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