HTML 5 and Appformative and other features

Wondering if anyone knows if Appformative features work with HTML 5 games. I believe @Hopscotch runs Appformative?

I was pleasantly surprised that both Jump Jack and Get Me Outta Here run surprisingly well on HTML 5 using version 1.25. There are a few functions that don't work that I may be able to find a another fix for. I was inspired by @jonmulcahy to try and me an .exe or put them on kongregate or something.

It would be nice to have leaderboards in the game and noticed Appformative offers cross platform leaderboards at only 5 bucks a game. Don't know if they work with an html5 game though.

Also, anyone know if game pads work with html 5? If they aren't going to implement .exe I would love to see some love shown to html 5. I remember years ago Jump Jack wouldn't run on it at all and now it does.


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