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Hi there!

 So, I have just downloaded gamesalad (the trial version) and am having some trouble.

I have decided to mainly use pixel art in the games i make, as i am (in my opinion) best at this.
I am using pixel art studio from the windows store, and quite like the interface. Unfortunately, it saves file to a .pmx file that windows tries to open with paint (for whatever reason) and then says it is incompatible with paint, and therefore with gamesalad... Sorry for taking so long, but the jist of it is, if you know how to fix this, or know of a good app or program, compatible with gamesalad, that I can use, I would love to know it.

Thanks Anyways,


  • andrewm.bc.44andrewm.bc.44 Posts: 3Member

    Pxm file*** my bad

  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,297Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    You need something that exports to png. So Photoshop is good, as is Illustrator. If you don't have the budget for those, try Gimp or Inkscape.

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  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,158Member, PRO

    The info page says pixel art studio will export to PNG. Look for EXPORT and save to PNG.

    .pmx I guess is a raw file that will only work with Pixel art studio.

    Perhaps a "share" function as well could export PNG or Jpeg file........

  • andrewm.bc.44andrewm.bc.44 Posts: 3Member
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    you need pixel art studio pro to export, which costs a little, and im just a 14 year old hobbyist... so yeah, rly have no budget... But thank you both, and I will try your other suggestions...


  • Kevinw026Kevinw026 Posts: 30Member, BASIC

    Gimp and inkscape are free and are very comparable to illustrator/photoshop

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