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Can I set up a questionnaire in PC GS?
Can I have this sent to me as the developer or see the results somewhere?


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,711Member, PRO

    This ideally should have set up as a poll.

  • SynergySynergy Posts: 16Member

    I don't find any KB or video on making polls in a game. Where do I find that information?

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    You could probably set up simple polls in GameSalad using the http get and send data behaviors.

    I probably wouldn't do full blown questionnaires in GameSalad though.

    There was once an app on the Xbox 360 I think which had simple user generated polls and it showed the results graphically, showing how many other people gave your answers etc. around the country/world along with avatars. The results may have been filterable on different and simple demographic groups too but it was a long time ago so can't remember for sure.

    Something like this should be possible to do in GameSalad once you've got the network behaviors mastered.

    Basically you can't do questionnaires or polls in your app without getting the data sent to a central location which you can look at. Without network behaviours like the above you won't know what each person answered on their devices because the data would be on their device only.

  • SynergySynergy Posts: 16Member

    Thanks @KevinCross . I am looking into AppFormative to accomplish part of this more simply for me, but I don't think they cover the questionnaire feature either. Basically, I don't want them to go to a particular scene until they have filled out a particular questionnaire. It's mostly multiple choice. I suppose I could set it up as a scene, like a quiz game.

  • jeanramosjeanramos Posts: 3Member

    I am also looking for AppFormative to accomplish part of this more simply.

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