Install a new Mac, can't code-sign for iOS and Mac?!

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my Mac worked good over the last 5 years, but he's getting slower and slower, so I decided to make a clean install.
By this way, I've also installed macos Sierra.
I downloaded all needed certificates for iOS and Mac. I install them in my Keychain (login). Also te provisioning profiles was downloaded and hopefully in Xcode. Hopefully means, that I didn't know where to check if they was included.

When I now publish my project, I got the following problems:
iOS: When try to sign the app, I choose the profile and then I get an error saying:
"Could not code sign because there is no developer identity matching the selected provisioning profile"

MacOS: When try to sign the app, I can't select a certificate. The drop down says:
"No Mac developer certificates found".
I have added my developer profile in Xcode->Preferences->Accounts.

I wonder about that, because over the last years, when adding the renewed profiles and certificates I didn't really have any problems by renew them.
I had a look on several Youtube videos where they show what to do and where to download the files and so on. I didn't do something different (I think) and the most is familiar, because I've done that in the past years do. But it seems, that some parts has changed for that?!

Can anyone please help me? I tried it now since hours.


  • MarcoColMarcoCol Posts: 230Member, PRO

    OMG. It seems to work now.

    I didn't know, that I must create new certificates with the CertificateSigningRequest on the new installed Mac...

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,158Member, PRO

    Glad it worked. They can be a huge pain.

  • barleyesqbarleyesq Posts: 70Member, PRO

    Hi @MarcoCol ! I'm having a similar issue right now. Can you explain how CertificateSigningRequest part worked please. Would be much appreciated!

  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,357Member, BASIC

    @barleyesq Top menu above : Go to Help > Cookbook > Publishing > Apple iOS for instructions.

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