android back button - rules not to exit app?

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Hello and marry christmas :),
read a lot of threads about this , but nowhere was the exact answer what to do:

i have this problem, i want to make working android "back button" (navigating between scenes, not to leave app)
i set the rule at actor which is on every game play scene:

set game.backbutton to 0

when receive key press "back" (written manualy without quotes)
change attribute game.backbutton to 1

When attribute game.backbutton is 1
do change scene to pause scene
timer after 0.1 set game.backbutton to 0

when i am publishing apk and checkbox :
"App quits on controller back button" is ticked it still exit app to phone's home screen (in ad hoc, in gs viewer exi )
"App quits on controller back button" is NOT ticked it do nothing after pressing "back button"

Please can anyone write me what to do or how did you do working back button?



PS: sorry for my bad english


  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,471Member, PRO

    I read that "esc" is androids back button but didnt try it myself

  • BlackCloakBlackCloak Posts: 15Member

    @kes0h i think @Icebox is right its esc key for the back button on the device and its the select button if they are using a gamepad. I think that is correct. Its been a while since i have tested this.

  • kes0hkes0h Posts: 18Member, PRO

    @BlackCloak and @Icebox thank you both, it work as you write, so not BACK but ESC key do that ! Perfect

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