Professional 2D|3D Character artist|Concept Art|Props|Illustration| Indie Price

Hi Friends,

Happy New Year in advance!

We are a team of 3D and 2D artists and we have worked a lot of commercial illustration, comic works, Fantasy art, realistic and semi-realistic character designs for games/novels/books and 3D character design. If you are looking for 2D or 3D artists to take your project to the next level then we are here for your service.

1: Low poly and High Poly character and props modeling and texturing for gaming engine
2: 2D concept and illustrations
3: Character and creatures rigging and skinning
4: Character and creatures animations

My portfolio:
If interested don't PM, send your requests or hellos to

Please take a look at some of our artworks:

Thank you for having a look in my portfolio!

Million Thanks,
DE Arts
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