Thank you so much Gamesalad for everything ! :)

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Honestly, I have so much to thank Gamesalad for. When I was around fifteen years old I moved from Miami to a cabin in Tennessee. Those years were the toughest of my life and despite all the downfalls I might have experienced, Gamesalad kept my life on track. I was homeschooled and moving to a brand new place during freshman year in high school wasn't easiest transition. I was forced to make new friends which was really not an easy task. I lost many friends who I thought would also have back (Boy was I naive). I found myself very lonely at times and the only place I found my sanity was spending hours fidgeting on Gamesalad. I remember every time I finished class for the day around 2 PM or 3 PM I would run to my dad's desktop and open Gamesalad and would not get off until 11 PM sometimes 2 AM if my parents fell asleep without telling me to go to bed. I fell in love with Gamesalad, to be honest. Every second of my life consisted of watching TshirtBooth's Youtube Video's, Jamie Cross' "Gamesalad Endless Runner Sample", getting into @Socks hair here at the forums, trying to figure out the interpolation method by @DeepBlueApps, @Thunder_Child helping me test my apps when I could not afford an Apple product that supported iOS 7 or higher and making new friends like @approw! I honestly considered you guys here on the forums my family.

I am eighteen now and in that three short year span, I made four apps that one of which broke the top 1000 most popular app gamings apps on iTunes and two that broke top 500 Most popular gaming apps on iTunes. I have been in the news for one of my apps I made and believe it or not once girls hear you've been on the news BOY do they start gravitating towards you hahaha! I started college Fall of 2016 and I'm getting ready to finish my second semester and I'm proud to say my major is Computer Science and this is all thanks to Gamesalad! I just finished learning Python taught by a software engineer who works at Google and will learn C++ this semester. Also, I got an interview with Airbnb and most recently Google (which I HOPE I GET!!!! Wish me luck) for an internship at their headquarters for software engineering! I did also apply to Facebook but I will not hear back until March. If you ever told me this would be my life 3 years ago when I first started Gamesalad I would have never believed you! On my resume, I am very proud to put I made four apps made by Gamesalad which opened the doors for Airbnb and Google. I remember I was bored one day and I asked my mom "Can you think if anything to keep me busy?" and she replied "Well, you like technology why don't you Google 'How to make apps'?" and that's exactly where I found my calling in life right here with you guys!

As my life moves on and with three years of experience under my belt with App stores and App making as a freshman in college I already have a leg up against the rest of the competition! I have recently been approached by one of the higher-ups in my college and he asked me to make an app for the school and also I have assembled a mini team of coders who are as dogmatic as I am with coding and we have started coding some ideas! I have taken a hiatus on game development for other opportunities presented to me. I just wanted to thank Gamesalad, everyone who helped me, and the forums for believing in me when no one else did. The amount of neigh sayers who just thought this was a "little" hobby and swore I would amount to nothing have defiantly been silenced. Sitting here watching my dreams come true is an unbelievable experience.

Here are the apps I made for iTunes :

and here are the ones for Android:

Here is the news interview :

Thank you guys and Gamesalad for everything! :)


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