Gamesalad Preview window blank


Today i just normally opened my project and made some changed to couple actor (that have nothing to do with the camera or anything) then i pressed the play button but i just get a blank screen and nothing happens. Every other scene works normally but if i open this one i just get blank screen :/ any idea what is going on? It is very odd that i see no colors or actors or anything when changed that i made have no effect on the camera.


  • ToqueToque Posts: 849Member, PRO

    Hmmm. yeah my first guess is the camera is moved to where there is nothing. But you checked that.......Thats odd....

    I would copy and paste and duplicate that scene then start testing on the duplicate scene.
    Sorry not sure whats going on there. Save, shut down GS and reload the project.

  • dariusimmanuelguerrerodariusimmanuelguerrero Posts: 18Member, PRO

    i have the very same problem? how did you get it fixed?

  • fatetaletellerfatetaleteller Posts: 36Member, PRO

    Contacted support and they deleted one actor from my game. As far as i know they did not know what caused actor to do the thing as it had no behaviors.

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