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Hello all,

So i am creating a game like flappy birds and I am almost done but I am stuck on the scoring piece. The scoring works on the template I used until I hit the play button in editing mode, not preview. After I hit play the scoring no longer shows up in game or on the scoreboard when the actor dies. How do I get the scoring to work again. I don't want to start over because I have edited the template so much with new features. All help is appreciated.



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    I would start by opening both the original game and your new version at at the same time.
    I would go into the score actor and see what has changed from the old to the new.

    Is the score actor still there in your version. If you go into Scenes and click Layers is a score actor there or was it deleted?

    Sometimes its still there but it got moved to the back or behind another actor. So its working fine but you can't see it. Check to see where it is and make sure its in the front layer.

    The other thing. When you make a game. Save it in increments. So save "angry birds 100". Then ten minutes later "angry birds 101" Then ten minutes or whatever later "angry birds 102".

    This way if the game breaks and your not sure why you just go back to the last working version and carry on. You dont loose much work and the time to look for all these bugs.

    Hope that helps

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    I have noticed that a few of the fonts in GS do not seem to work with the displayText behaviour, it might be as simple as that.

    Im using the latest mac release and have problems with a few of them, try using Antic as I use this in a couple of my games with no issues.

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