Google play policy strike ( because its identical to my same app on appstore)

Hi, i just recently got an policy strike when i tried to submit an app to the google play store.
i receive the message of "Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy. Your app is identical to an existing app on the Play Store"

i appeal the strike because it said in the documentation that the policy strike is if i use the same name, logo or brand of another app, which i didnt.

They reply that they cant accept the appeal because there was an identical app... But in the apple appstore! and they provide a link to my same app i publish under appstore. Also they said that if i own that account i should provide a screenshot to prove.

I provide the screenshot and they reinstall my app, but they said that to prevent that i should contact google play with the proof that its app prior to the submit.

what i see confusing here, Its that the email specify that my app was identical to an app on the Play store, not to the apptore.

This is the first time that happend to me, but if anyone got a similar problem, just contact the support, if i didnt appeal my app would still be rejected and i will got an strike.


  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,203Member, PRO

    That sounds pretty odd. Are you publishing under a different seller name on both stores which may cause the confusion?

  • hybridhybrid Posts: 157Member, PRO

    Yes, in android i have my company name and in ios i have my real name, I think that whats cause the problem, but its the first time it happened, also i think its weird they check the appstore, since they policy and email said the copyright its if there something similar in the play store, im guess they become more strict in that area.

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