Left Screen Edge Problem

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I'm experiencing a really strange thing. Not sure how long it's been going on, only just noticed it. On my iPhone 7 Plus, GameSalad doesn't seem to be reliably registering taps close to the left edge of the screen. I noticed it because I have a button close to the left edge, and quite often it wasn't reacting to being tapped.

At first I thought something had to be off in the logic, but then I realized that the other buttons had the same logic and were working OK. So I moved the button further from the edge and no problems. It works perfectly when it's close to the right edge, no problems.

I did a test with Display Text showing the coordinates of a tap and the result was that the vast majority of taps that were closer than 27 points to the edge were not registered. That's 27 points on a iPhone 5 size project, which is 320 points across -- so 8.5% inside the display area.

Anyone who noticed anything similar?

The problem is only present on-device, not seen in the project inside GS Creator. It does the same both on ad-hoc and using the iOS Viewer.


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    Interesting - I wonder if it's present on an iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus since they're the same screen size and orientation option in Creator.

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    It happens on all iOS devices, as far as I am aware, not sure about Android.

    I reported this to the GS team and they are aware of it, but couldn't give an ETA on a fix, since they are working on the new version of Creator at the moment.

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