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Hi, I am having some issues with loading images. Last time I finished/created a game (maybe half a year ago) the images always loaded when they were being called, but now it seems that they are being loaded up front if they are called somewhere within the rules structure, just as sound always has been called at start. Is this a bug or is it something that has changed recently? When I disable the rules that in the future maybe calls some images, the images do not load at startup and do not show up as memory usage in the viewer.

So, my question, as I cannot get my instruments to work with my iPad (another problem, they always tend to stack up, don´t they..) is:
Is this data correct?
Will the finished application load every image at app startup now instead of when being called in the game? Because if it is that will mean you cannot do large scenes anymore but has to rely on small scenes with scene changes to stop the app to crash on devices as the high-res images will crash it at startup.

The same goes for game engine memory data obviously. Is the game loading all the rules up front instead of when needed? This data suggest that, which means my game has to be redesigned.

With rules activated

Without rules activated


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    I believe images are loaded/deloaded from memory on a per scene basis. So if an image is used in the scene, it is called. Rules should only be read at the top level.

    So if you have a rule that says

    when x is true
    and when y is true
    do something

    If x is false, it should ignore all other code in below it since the rule conditions failed right away.

    I don't think anything has changed that I know of. What ver of GS are you using?

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    Alex at support fixed it for me, it is me being stupid. Preload Art apparently is affecting all art within an actor, not just the initial art on display. But I should have removed it anyway...ah well, thank you for ideas but there probably wasn´t very much of a problem to solve. The issue probably arose from me not having so much animations in earlier projects, but now when we dump in a ton of them it had a big impact.

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