Members of the GameSalad family have suffered a great loss. Please help Olivia's family.

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    Agree Jon, saw this posted by GS on Facebook earlier. My heart goes out to the Nichols family!

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    Very sad to hear this news.

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Dallas, TexasPosts: 8,786

    Saw this on Facebook. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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    Sad news, and such a hard situation. Very brave and loving of you to give your daughter the best chance she could have and also protecting her from suffering. My prayers are with you!

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    Very very sad to hear, wishing you all the best.

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    My deepest sympathies. :( I am truly sorry for your loss.

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    Any comment I could think of seems very inadequate. A terrible time for that family.

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    Heartbreaking news. I hope they can find their peace.

  • Very sad and sorry for your loss. I'm sure the time you had with her was both painful and precious. Prayers are with your family. Encouraged to see many people who love you guys offering support.

  • Very sorry to see this. Glad to see such love and support pour forth.

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    Very sad, and a horrible time for your family. Olivia knew a life of love and care.

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    My condolances.

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    Thanks guys. Sucks. Nasty. Awful. :(

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  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,363

    Bump. I pulled it from a sticky too for awhile too. they get glossed over a lot.

  • Sorry for your loss, it sounds like a very difficult situation to go through. Wish you all the best.

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