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RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,271

Tomorrow my GS pro expires. I have a new GS game with logic 100% done and I'm working in the art e sound assets. Renew my subscription isn't an option this time. I love this engine, this comunity (I don't speak to much cause my english is not that good :-) ) but maybe its time to try other ways to develop games. The new ways GS seems good for education and may be I try it after finish my graduation in visual arts teacher. A GS staff member made a request to publish a a game in the Pinball Jam, my time is precious and I spend some hours to help GS to spread their engine, sorry the jam never see the day light, I asked about and no reply. With new assets I can't test my game without a GS subscription, I have to try other engines. To change my mind I need GS change their subscription model. I'm steel visiting this forum, you are all nice people! Best regards. Marcos Riffel


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 1,885

    Sorry to hear you are leaving.

    If your app is 100% there, only assets to be done, isn't that a reason to be very happy about the new subscription model?

    You can work on the sound and graphics, having no subscription and then when you are ready with them, you will only need to get PRO for one month and publish?

    With the old way of thing you would have had to pay for a whole year, just to publish it, so you are saving about 90% of your money with the new system!

  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,271

    if I can test my game after my subscription expires the its ok. Thank your advice @pHghost

  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,276

    Sorry to hear you're leaving, I hope you come back when/if you're able at a later date.

  • ToqueToque Posts: 786

    I like your pinball games. Always well done. Best of luck.

  • pinkio75pinkio75 Posts: 749

    Good luck Marcos...
    it seems that many users are leaving GS :(

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