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hello every body
how i make password to scene ? if the player go to next level he cant play becuze he see(input password about(ssddqe)
and this(ssddqe)the password is(12341234) if he inputed he can resume the play of next level
but he cant know the password .if he talk with me i give him the password
in another player if he go to scene he see inpu password about(ssdge)
and this(ssdge)the password is(447783)if he inputed he can resume the play of next level
any body how know make like this trick !؟


  • make a scene with actor with this rules

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 83

    this rule can make 150 password ?

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    how the player he know its nickname(ssddqe) becuze this ssddqe its password 12341234
    i need show this name ssddqe in banner and the password input in bottom
    like this

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    You can manage 150+ passwords, yes, but will need to use tables for this.

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    thnx for comment but how i make this table ? i know table but the rule how ?

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    Have the username and password in a table, 2 columns, 150 rows (for 150 passwords). The correct password is always in the same row as the username. Using the tableSearch() expression will help you find the correct row, depending on the username. tableCellValue() will give you the correct password to compare with what the person typed in.

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    sorry but i need random password ! its mean if the player out the game and open game again he see another nickname and another password if he cant input password from first time ! your rule cant make like this random ,,or can make random password ?

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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the password and nickname changing? How often does it change and why?

    You can create logic to make random-ish passwords, yes, but it depends on your exact needs. I think you need to explain a bit more the whole system you want to create.

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    i explain for you what i mean
    i the table make 2 column .40 rows ok !
    in 1 column the name of password thats mean name:qwert:
    in 2column we have passwords thats mean(name:the qwert its password 12345
    but the player he dont know password,if he call me i give him password and he go scene 3
    if he input the password12345 he can resume the scene3 becuze he now in scene 2
    but i need random passwords table its mean if he not call me ,and he play again and win to scene 3 he see the another name like ertuu (input password about name:ertuu) and the password of ertuu its not like qwert
    and again if he cant call me and play the game and he now in scene 2 and he win to scene 3 but he cant play becuze he need password about another column its ttyye password 3334455

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    please any help!?

  • make a separate password for each scene no need for random then,

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    For random passwords, try something like this:

    If [level is completed]
         Change Table Value [row: game.level] [col: 1] to random(0,9)..random(0,9)..random(0,9)..random(0,9)..random(0,9)
         Display Text "Password is "..tablecellvalue(tableName, game.level, 1)

    If [resume button is pressed]
         If [password entered] = [tablecellvalue(tableName, game.level, 1)]
              Resume at game.level

  • imjustmikeimjustmike Posts: 418

    I think may understand half of what you mean, maybe.

    You want to password scenes for players, of which you'll have 40 (judging by the row count?).

    You want players to have specific usernames (for example, qwert or ertuu) and for passwords to be associated with those player names (hence the columns for both player names and passwords?).

    You want the players to have to call you for passwords, which when they enter they can progress to the next scene. I think?

    All of this can be done by simply having the table set up you describe, usernames in one column, passwords in another. You tell the player their username, they enter it and you can match it to a row. Once you've got the row the game can check any password they enter to see if it's correct. A random password generator won't work in this scenario because you won't be able to know what the random password is (unless you're submitting that information to a database somewhere?) OR game tells them the password and they enter it, which, well, that's not a password.

    The next bit is what I don't understand.

    Why would the player, when progressing to another level see a different name? And if you want them to have to call you for passwords then why are you trying to build a system that has back up passwords for if they can't call? Why don't you just have those passwords to start with?

    It might also be useful to know why you're doing all this. Not necessarily specifics but a broader understanding of what you're trying to do would be useful context.

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    hello imjustmike
    im programer caller .whats that mean ? thats mean if i make a good game and i tired with this game .i build in game password becuze if he see my game its good he talk with me and he give me a 1dollar .. i and give him the password to resume scene game
    why i take 1 dollar ? this money Give me motivate to make another game im not need dollar .but i need know the player love my game or not .if he not love my game i stop build game

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    tatiang thnx for this but you can give me a demo ?

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 1,885

    @iraqiraq said:
    if he see my game its good he talk with me and he give me a 1dollar .. i and give him the password to resume scene game

    I have a feeling this is against the App Store rules.

    For this reason there are in-app purchases. You let people play the first 5 levels, then they need to pay $1 for the next 5 if they like the game, and then maybe $2 for remaining 20 levels. Just an example, of course, the numbers. But of you want people to be paying you for unlocks in the game, it has to be done though in-app purchases. Otherwise they will pull your app from the App Store and block your Developer account.

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    @iraqiraq, I agree with @pHghost, you should just use IAPs. I have to say no matter how much I like a game there is an absolute 0% chance I'll ever call a developer to make a payment and get a password. I'd immediately throw the game in the trash if it asked me to do that.

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    in iraq we dont have paypal ! we dont have visa card ! this just for the riche people he can open account bank and the bank give him paypal . price the paypal 100$ !
    jamie_c thnx for you but in iraq 5% people in iraq he have paypal ! so what i do ?
    so all the devloper if make program he make password generate.but in gamesalad how i make passwrd generate ?
    I'm not a thief money
    I'm not a thief logo gamesalad
    I hope you understand me

  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 10,722

    I don't think anyone thinks you're a thief. You clearly were trying to earn money from your game from people who call you directly. That seems like a lot of effort to earn a few dollars. And it also sounds like in Iraq it's rare that people can pay through in-app purchases. I can't comment about the legality of it.

    I'm sorry, I can't make you a demo but if you get started with what I suggested, I can advise if you run into problems. Best of luck!

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 83

    tatiangtatiang thnx for understand me .but to now no body help me !

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 1,885

    The only way to do what you want to do is to use a service like AppFormative.

    That way you can change the password on your server every day or every two hours, how you need. Then you will compare that password with the password the users put into the application.

    I still think your app will be taken off app stores if it does this -- but perhaps you are just going to let people with Android download it on your site and sideload it...

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 83

    thats a very good answer but you can give me a tutorial how i make AppFormative. with synchronization password ؟im new with AppFormative
    dont be angry becuze i ask a lot and thnx for every one comment for my ask :)

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    I don't think you're a thief at all, didn't mean for it to sound that way. I'm sorry if it did. I simply have not heard of that kind of payment system before and I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with it. If it's common in Iraq then I hope you can find a way to work it out.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 1,885

    Go to:

    How to implement their services is best done through their customer support.

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 83

    jamie_c i happy if i see you name becuze my learn gamesalad 50% from your videos !
    and Do not Apologize becuze you dont think im thief thnx for your comment :)

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 83

    pHghost thnx for your comment :)

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