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Hello everyone!
I have a question about quiz game replay.

My idea:
When I answered all questions and stage will change to End scene.
The End scene have a "replay button", if you touch that button,
you will go to first scene and you can select "play game" again.

The above is my idea, but in fact I put a "music button" in first scene.
If I touch "Reset Game" , the music will reset at the same time.
(maybe it is stop, but when I touch "reset", music will start) .

Conversely, If I drag "change scene" to "Replay Button".
When I touch it, I will go to first scene and "music Button" still running , but Quiz Game's answer will be gone.

So I want to make a real "replay button" not a "reset button", because the "reset button" will let all function reset.

This is my templates. Could anyone help me. Please。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。
This thing worries me a lot. :'( 940.6K


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    If you are using a Change Scene behavior, then you need to also reset any game attributes that matter (e.g. game.score, game.numberCorrect, game.questionAnswered, etc.).

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    Thank you for answer. :D

    I tried to change other relate behavior, "Game.score", "Game.numberCorrect",etc.
    But the answer will still disappear.

    Finally, I seem to find the problem.
    Why my answers will disappear, because I drag "Add/Remove Row"(Table:Quiz/Remove Row/At Index/ Game.Question.Number) to my "answers button", and I want to let "Game.Quiz number" random.

    # Could you tell me how to let have removed question comeback? What should I do? :'(

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