Memory Game Problem

I made a Memory Game
This is what I have on one card:

When touch is pressed
Change Attribute game.turnNumber to game.turnNumber + 1
Change Attribute game.SelectedCard to game.SelectedCard + 1

When Attribute game.turnNumber = 2
When game.SelectedCard = 2
Destroy this actor

On the other side, I have another actor which acts like a resetter
When Attribute game.Select = 2
ChangeAttribute game.turnNumber = 0
ChangeAttribute game.SelectedCard = 0

This works pretty well until I previewed it

I placed the card beside each other like this

(A) (A)

These are the problems:

If i pressed on two of the same card both card dissapears
If I pressed the left card first, then the right card, only the right card disappears (If I did the right card first then the left one, both disappears which is ok)
If I had more than 2 same type card, and pressed only on two cards, either only one disappears (when I pressed on the card on the right side first), or otherwise all of them disappear.

(Sorry If I keep posting this, I need answers)


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,282Member said:
    (Sorry If I keep posting this, I need answers)

    Reposting like this is against the Forum rules. It won't get you answers any quicker anyway and the threads will be merged by a moderator. And if you keep on doing it repeatedly, you even might get blocked. So -- dont'.

    If needed, bump your original topic now and then, perhaps once it isn't on the first or second page, but don't keep opening new ones.

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