Game level preview

Hey Guys,

I want to add a game level to preview before the level starts

I would like the camera to start when try hero begins then move left, then up, and the right again to where the level ends.

I searched the forums but everything on this topic is quite old. I am sure their is a more efficient way to do it now.

Let me know if you have any demos or insight


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,282Member

    This would be done similarly as before. You need an unlocked actor that will control the camera origin.

  • quinn221quinn221 Posts: 280Member

    Just a follow up on this.. Right now I have my preview camera set with a boolean to scroll across the level ( moving left, right, up and down with waypoints) to the start of the main actors position.

    I have another actor constrained to my main actor called end camera ( this turns my preview camera off when it collides with main actor, and then the main charactor controls the camera.

    I constrained the end camera to my actor (this end camera actor is height is fairly large so that the starting camera actor will collide with it.) I did this so at anytime the player can preview the level and end where the main actors position is. At first this worked well, but know I am seeing that this is a hack way of doing it. Depending where my main actor is, sometimes the preview camera misses the end camera during the replay.

    So any idea how to make this work so that during the preview level the camera always stops where the main actor is?

    I hope this make sense...

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