New Voice over session for Orcs you might enjoy

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Hi everyone. Orc just received its 54th Update. And we did a couple of new voices with Elijah Lucian's Team the Vapsquad.
I thought you might also enjoy and if you need quality voices do not hesitate to send him your script, prices are really fair.
Details are in the youtube video description.



  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,820Member

    Excellent !! :)

    This attention to detail is why you are known as BigDave rather than MediumDave.

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    I hope you use some of the incidental sounds too, loads of them are great !

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    "The Orchanage"

    There's a mini game right there ! :D

    Baby Orcs tossed out of the Orchanage window, catch them all for maximum points, like one of those old school LCD fireman catch games:

  • BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member
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    hehe thanks buddy! Yeah i do use some of their made up lines too. A bunch of lines I can use on the initial main screen too.

    That very macabre old games lol.
    Yeah I have to figure what to do with the game since I basically let them upgrade everything before they flappy bird like move with the zeppelin to the next island.
    So they still got wood and crystals on island 1 to gather but it has no more sinks.

    I thought about supply boxes raining from the sky in the new location aslong you got resources on island 1. Removing it from location 1 raining it down at location 2.
    Maybe it could be connected to such a mini game and the chance to waste resources if not properly caught.

    Overall the plan is to remain orcs like but go away from the heavy tapping.
    As by this point (2-3 hours in) they really have done this enough.

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,153Member, PRO

    3:30 in morning. Couldnt stop watching. Fun bunch.

    I want to hire them to stand behind and heckle me while I make games.

    "GS community would be out of a job".

    Thanks for posting. Made my day er night.

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