Actor layer position and collision detection


I searched the forum and found some similar issues from some time ago, wondering if this is accepted behaviour or an indication of something I'm missing.

I have a simple top down view of actors when I spawn an actor on top of the hero the collision and detection works as expected, however it is not the desired view. When I spawn an actor in back of the hero (where I would like it) the collision does not fire as expected. As shown in the images.

Back of Actor

Front of Actor

Is this the expected behaviour when the actor is spawned or am I missing something. Both the hero and obstacle are moveable and move as port of the scene.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




  • kylebuttresskylebuttress Posts: 8Member, PRO

    Update with a little help from another member from the forum I was able to see that when the actors are moving via Interpolation Behaviour the collision detection works when the spawned actor is above.

    While when the actors movement is controlled via the Move behaviour the collision detections works regardless of the layering.

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