Is this possible on GameSalad?

lynchpuppylynchpuppy Posts: 5Member
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I'm looking for someone to help me build my board game into a video game.

I have the artwork, I need a template built for the game mechanics, etc. Details below. Thanks!

  • Each player has a 3x3 grid they can place their 3 pre-selected characters (from a roster of several) anywhere on one of their 9 squares.

  • They then each take turns moving if they choose and pick a target to roll a dice against. trying to attack each other until one team is knocked out.

  • Movement is limited to 1 sqaure, no diagonals. The tricky part is that each character has slight modifications that affect their roll and random power-ups appear on their board that do so as well.

If you think you can pull this off please get back to me. Thanks!


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