Android FULL SCREEN hide away buttons

izamizam Posts: 477Member, PRO

Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to make the game on Android appear full screen.
I mean with the android buttons hidden away. The buttons can be pulled up again by swiping from the edge of the screen only if required.
I am working with patients who are afflicted with major cognitive impairments and thus there are many who are not able to move their arms a great deal. They use a very big 18 inch android tablet and their palms tend to rest on the bottom of the screen. This is where the android buttons are located.
It is frustrating for them when the app/game keeps exiting every time their palm touches the home button. Because of this, they lose interest very quickly and thus the whole session to help them using my apps is a failure.

@adent42 is there a workaround for this? Can the android buttons be moved to the side (left or right) instead of bottom of the screen in the case of a tablet?

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