Generating Stuck

Hey guys. Wondering if anyone knows a trick for getting the publishing page out of stuck generating. Been in generating for over an hour. Sent a message to support as well. But thought I would ask on here since this was our Final Build we are uploaded to give it a go through then send off to apple. It's pretty time sensitive to be able to hit our preset release date. Of course the final build gets stuck on generating... haha


  • supafly129supafly129 Posts: 414Member, PRO
    edited March 29

    did you try to republish? wondering if that may force the generating to reset.

    I also found this possible workaround:

    To kick your game into gear you can right click on your "Generate" button and click "Open in new tab" or "new window".

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 1,890Member

    If it's stuck generating, it's something on GameSalad's servers. Nothing I know of to speed it up. How large (in MB) is the project? How long did it usually generate for with previous versions?

  • RossmanBrothersGamesRossmanBrothersGames Posts: 648Member, PRO

    Its usually just like a few minutes to generate, I tried the right click thing @supafly129 a few times to no luck. Then forum ninja tried it and all of a sudden it worked...

  • ToqueToque Posts: 849Member, PRO

    Glad its getting submitted. Looking forward to playing

  • RossmanBrothersGamesRossmanBrothersGames Posts: 648Member, PRO

    @Toque said:
    Glad its getting submitted. Looking forward to playing

    Thanks! That was definitely a stressful situation right before submission haha!

  • RossmanBrothersGamesRossmanBrothersGames Posts: 648Member, PRO

    and also, thanks for the help guys!

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