Parental Gate IOS and Interstitial ads


I'm wondering how others have tackled the issue of parental gates in IOS and interstitial ads, where they leave the app if they touch the ads, where / how do we allow the gate to be placed?

Please point me to the right place if this has been asked before.




  • johnnymagnejohnnymagne NorwayPosts: 101Member, PRO

    I thougt the gate was something the kids will not be behind, so all the "adult stuff" like ads and network access can go on...

  • kylebuttresskylebuttress Posts: 8Member, PRO

    from what I understand it pops up when the user taps an ad or a link in the app that will take them out of the app, allowing them/an adult to allow it or not.

  • neomanneoman Posts: 811Member, PRO

    Hello Kyle, Here is a demo of a parental gate. You can download it from here

    Parental Gate Demo

    Hope it helps you.

  • kylebuttresskylebuttress Posts: 8Member, PRO

    thanks @neoman i'm still grappling with the notion of how its implemented with the interstitial ads .

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,382Member, PRO

    @kylebuttress You can't add a child gate between an ad and its destination. When someone clicks on an ad, code is execute that you can't get in the middle of to show a child gate.

    I'm not really clear on why you'd want to anyway?

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