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So as the title suggest I'm new to TableCellValues and the use of Tables in general. Right now I'm currently trying to use tablecellvalue for in-game currency. But the issue I ran into while coding it out is that the values of what is displayed as currency and what the actual currency is, are not adding up. Here's my rules:

Currency Actor:
when colliding with Player
Change: currency to currency+1 and destroy this actor

Store Currency Display (how much you have):
display text: (tablecellvalue(currencytable), 1, 2)

Currency Table:
Every 0 sec. (run to completion)
change (tablecellvalue(currencytable), 1, 2)
to value: currency
Save table

Now the issue here is that 1. It isn't showing the currency value 2. the currency value is technically true so it still allows you to purchase items of the corresponding price.


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    See my video series on tables. I explain everything clearly. From another thread I read of yours it seems you don't understand how and when code fires. I would recommend watching my gslogic series.

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    The correct syntax for the tableCellValue expression is:

    tableCellValue(tableName, row, column)

    Unless you made a typo above, you have an extra parenthesis after the table name and need to remove it.

    I have no idea how to help you with #2 because you haven't provided any details about it.

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