Is it possible to make a full sized indie game using this engine?

SquishitronSquishitron Posts: 4Member
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I have quite a bit of experience in game design, and this engine looked promising... until I saw everyone and everything talking about mobile apps, now it doesn't look so good. So answer me this, Is it possible to make true PC games using this engine?


  • MoikMoik Posts: 257Member, PRO

    Define "true". At least one GameSalad game has made it onto Steam. The HTML5 export is "for" PC-playable releases.

  • ToqueToque Posts: 849Member, PRO

    If you click on the "Games" tab and look at the featured games. That is pretty much what she does well. First person shooters, not good. 3-D not good.

    Depends on what type of game are you talking about???

  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,280Member, BASIC

    As others have said, it depends on what you mean by 'True PC Game'. Currently the engine doesn't export .EXE files, but you can export Mac applications.

  • SquishitronSquishitron Posts: 4Member

    I'm talking keyboard and mouse controlled 2-d Indies, save states. Steam worthy Indie glory

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 1,890Member

    Yeah, that's possible. As mentioned, there is currently no support for .exe export, so HTML5 in a wrapper is necessary, but as far as putting the game logic together, keyboard and mouse games are definitely possible. Point & Click, Action Adventure, Platformer...all good. Save states etc., no problem!

  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 390Member, PRO

    Very possible.

  • HypnorabbitHypnorabbit SingaporePosts: 94Member, PRO

    Possible, but not easy. But possible.

  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 390Member, PRO

    Making a game at all, in any tool is difficult.

  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 390Member, PRO

    Even with its many flaws this remains a great tool to find out if this kind of thing is for you..

  • vikingviking Posts: 322Member, PRO

    It's a great prototyping tool, but I can't recommend it for a big project at the moment. Loading times are too slow for bigger projects and you have to "cheat" by using an extra scene to show your splash screen because the GameSalad team can't fix the broken one in the current version of the engine. This slows down already slow loading times.

  • SquishitronSquishitron Posts: 4Member

    Trust me guys, this kinda thing is for me, I'm just trying to find a suitable software to run off of. I've been going for almost 4 years now, and I think I can work around the bugs for a big full sized project! Thanks for the feed back aswell!

  • SquishitronSquishitron Posts: 4Member

    Also, how much does pro cost?

  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,280Member, BASIC
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