Iads revenue ecpm! which iAds is best to use? Revmob is giving me the lowest ecpm in history!!!

Hi! What kind of iAds are you people using? I'm using rev mob and its killing me because ecpm. is like 0.02210 and my revenue is like 0.0011! THIS IS ****! and i have clicks, impressions and all in my app!


  • BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,127
    edited April 30

    iAds is already a specifc. This is as you would ask in what kind of Mcdonalds do you eat?

    Since iAds was only delivering Banner ads(atleast in gamesalad) I guess you mean Banner ads.
    I do use admob and the ecpm is between 0.01 to 0.80 for my games depending on the genre + traffic

    Genre has the major effect. Having two apps with similar traffic but one just making 1/4 of the money of the other based on the genre.

  • Aram+SurchyAram Surchy Posts: 78

    but BigDave isn't 0.01 a terrible ecpm? you can't be earning with that terrible?

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