Need Help with IAP, keep getting rejected by Apple

Hey everyone, can someone familiar with IAP let me know whats wrong? When I hit Buy Now, it simply stays as that... not sure what to do. I have been rejected about 5 times.. it says it doesn't actually 'purchase' it and needs to be tested on the IPV6 network etc..


  • is the product id written on the purchase table?

  • elementappdevelementappdev Posts: 50

    @dariusimmanuelguerrero said:
    is the product id written on the purchase table?

    yeah, i figured it out. My IAP banking, tax stuff on itunes was out of date -__-

    Thanks for the help though!

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,406

    First look looks ok for a basic IAP set up.

    Couple of things to check...
    As @dariusimmanuelguerrero has suggested above, check you have indeed included your product ID in Row 1, Column 1 in the table "PurchaseTable"

    and also ensure that your product ID in the "Buy Item" expression editor is typed in with out pressing the "e" symbol. If you have opened the expression editor and entered it in there. Remove the text, close it and type it in by clicking the box and not pressing the "e"

    If you get stuck, I can have a look at it for you and provide you with an NDA if you need.

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