How to create 2d water wave [Solved]

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Hello guys , I always see the water wave effect in platform games , and i keep wondering how its done, the wave starts as soon as the player touches the water, like this for example

when actor(player) overlaps with the straight line it causes a wave at x position of the player, is this wave small seperate actors ? or do they do it with particles ? I dont know how its done at all ,i hope that made sense , any help would be appreciated ! thanks :)


  • SEMASEMA Posts: 161Member

    I would like to see a tutorial or template for this effect. It will be grate.

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,158Member, PRO

    I think I would try it with a series of animations all lined up. I would have to try it to really see. Its a cool effect though!!!

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