Admob Banners

Admob banners have suddenly stopped appearing in my apps and i can't sign into my admob account is anyone else having this issue?


  • Sorry never mind found the problem

  • Actually i'll keep this going. I got an email saying the account has been suspended because I've been clicking on the banners ads, however i haven't been doing this. has this happened to anyone before do you know how this could have come about?

  • Every advertising platform will suspend and ban you if they see suspect activity on your account (like clicking on your own ads and so on). If you didn't do it, then try contact them, but it would be weird if they would just suspend you for doing nothing. You should always test your app with test banners, that's the reason they are there, were you testing your app with real ads? It could be another reason.

  • Yea i made them active straight away i never put them through a test phase but had no problem. Both of my apps are still in beta so there's no traffic to account for it it would have had to be ether myself or one of my 4 testers and i've asked all of them and they say they haven't been clicking the ads ether.
    I wondered if maybe they have a review process and looked at my 2 apps and decided that the buttons were to close as that's stated as one of the things they don't like, but like i said my apps are in beta so how could they see them so i'm assuming it can't be that either

  • Then you have the answer, you were showing ads in a non published app. Advertisers pay per click, install or per impressions, so you were delivering impressions to beta testers. When you test your apps or beta test them, you either disable the ads, or use the test mode (it's there to be used while testing).

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