published version not working, works in gamesalad creator

xotty9999xotty9999 Posts: 15Member, PRO

I just finished my first game and got all the bugs out in gs creator. I published it and now one key aspect does not work. How should I troubleshoot this? The game is called My Bee Farm! and if you want to take a quick look: you start the game, click on bag of seeds, select a seed to plant, then you are taken to the farm scene. When you click on the field sections of the screen, a crop is supposed to be spawned. In the GS creator version it works. In the published version, nothing! Very frustrating!

Any tips?


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    is your rule - 'on touch pressed' ?

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,478Member, PRO

    The published version ? android ? ios ? html5 ? mac osx ?

    if its html5 , the html5 engine is a little behind so you will notice some bugs here and there

  • xotty9999xotty9999 Posts: 15Member, PRO

    Music boutique: yes, the rule is on touch pressed
    Icebox: it is published only to arcade.

  • xotty9999xotty9999 Posts: 15Member, PRO

    So without further suggestions from the community, I am redesigning the app with much limited variability (an inherent flaw, it seems, in gamesalad and perhaps all drag and drop app programs). Late night, limited sleep, the wife doesn't understand, it's all for the kids, etc. Gamesalad was probably a mistake, but I didn't know enough in the first place to discern and still don't know of any alternative options. Here's to hoping that novice skills and a scaled-down app will work. It feels like that moment when I put the cassette in the Vic 20 peripheral and it was just never going to be enough memory for the super-cool adventure program I was designing: if "n" then, goto 1040, etc. We haven't really progressed that much.

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    Vic 20 was lots of fun. Ran out of memory many times. I think 5 available KB.

    From what you describe it's impossible to troubleshoot.

    Try the game on a device.
    I've never had seen that happen from creator to device.

    Yes game deveolopment is constant frustrations interrupted by a brief glimpse of joy.

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,478Member, PRO

    @xotty9999 They are working on fixing the html5/arcade version to match gamesalad preview , so it will work for you once they are done but it might take a while. Sometimes you might find workarounds to some issues on html5 , try different methods for the time being , it might work

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