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Hello everyone,

can someone please walk me through this process. i would really appreciate it.

i a little back ground info on what i have done so far:

i purchased a template from game salad. (this template is an official template from game salad)
i downloaded the latest version of the creator for windows.
i downloaded the purchased template. (zip file)
i can not open the template in the creator. tried opening the template through the creator but it does not show any compatible files to open. i tried opening the game salad file directly from the zip file that i downloaded and it doesn't work either.

is there a step by step video? (i tried looking on youtube and there is not a video.) I really appreciate any assistance.



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    Welcome. First of all, template support should be provided by the template seller. If you haven't already, contact someone at (e.g. @Braydon_SFX).

    Do you know if the file is a Windows project file? The majority of GameSalad templates are made for Mac. If it's a Mac file, try Googling open mac gamesalad in windows and following the directions there.

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