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I am having an issue creating a build for Apple. I am getting an error 1 that talks about extra finder information being attached to the file. Apparently this is something that is new to the new OS and if you were to do a "show package contents" (guilty) that it adds extra finder info to the file. Was wondering if anyone has run into this and if they had found and understand a fix. The one i find when Googled, doesn't completely make sense to me.

here is the actual error. Code Signing Error 1: /var/folders/j6/q5kdtf4n7dv9w2p0d2msz8q00000gq/T/GameSalad0/2/ replacing existing signature
/var/folders/j6/q5kdtf4n7dv9w2p0d2msz8q00000gq/T/GameSalad0/2/ resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed

Thanks so much !!!


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    Me too, with GS. 1.25.85 and Xcode 9.2 on High Sierra

    You can find information at but not sure it helps because it suggests running a terminal command on the build before signing it, which seems tricky given that the build is downloaded fresh from GS each time you try to sign. I suppose you could try to sign it manually after cleaning the build with the terminal command, but in my case the command did not yield any information about any extra info that needed to be cleaned, so not sure that would work either.

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    Me too! Help ASAP.

    I got:

    Signing Error 1: /var/folders/v3/z_lwlcf51937wzx5x8yxxn880000hd/T/GameSalad0/1/Baby Frogs - Frog replacing existing signature
    /var/folders/v3/z_lwlcf51937wzx5x8yxxn880000hd/T/GameSalad0/1/Baby Frogs - Frog unknown error -1=ffffffffffffffff

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