Error 1 publishing problems

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I am having an issue creating a build for Apple. I am getting an error 1 that talks about extra finder information being attached to the file. Apparently this is something that is new to the new OS and if you were to do a "show package contents" (guilty) that it adds extra finder info to the file. Was wondering if anyone has run into this and if they had found and understand a fix. The one i find when Googled, doesn't completely make sense to me.

here is the actual error. Code Signing Error 1: /var/folders/j6/q5kdtf4n7dv9w2p0d2msz8q00000gq/T/GameSalad0/2/ replacing existing signature
/var/folders/j6/q5kdtf4n7dv9w2p0d2msz8q00000gq/T/GameSalad0/2/ resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed

Thanks so much !!!

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