Some questions from a newbie

I am new to game salad. I have some questions:
1. Is there a way to import html5 code into game salad for further use?
2. How can videos be used within game salad? Is there a way to have a video playing without putting a video to 24 pics a second (and displaying one pic after another)
3. Is there a trick to create a textbox (displaying text) really fast? Thanks for your comments... very much appreciated :)


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    2:can't import video. Maybe a external link to a video........
    3:There is a text behaviour with custom fonts but I don't know what "really fast" means.

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    You can link to a youtube video is you want, even staying in the game..

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    Thanks a lot for your replies. Well I think "reverse engineering" would be a nice feature in Gamesalad - export to html is possible (of course), so the other way round would be great as well...because a template with a lot of text and movements of the text (text effects) could be done f.ex. in keynote very easy and then imported to game salads engine :) So this would be something for the game salad team?

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    It's quite unlikely that this will be implemented anytime soon. There have been features requested years ago that are more useful to more players that still haven't been implemented, so don't hold your breath.

    That said, the tool is pretty versatile, if you left us know more specifics around what you're looking to achieve we'll be able to tell you whether this is the tool for you.

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    1. Will be good to do 3d games in GameSalad
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    @Terrellort_Gaming said:
    4. Will be good to do 3d games in GameSalad

    Never going to happen.

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