2D Artist needed

Hi I need an artist to draw some things for me. Anyone interested? The ''pay'' will be being promoted in the credits of a game.


  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,478Member, PRO
    edited June 2017

    Being promoted in the credits of your game would be really awesome, but can you show us the games you created ? So the artist can decide if your a great programmer and if being promoted in the credits of your game would be a great opportunity and worth the hours of work.

  • -Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,320Member, PRO

    Being mentioned in the credits is not really being paid in my opinion. The least you can do is also offer a part of the revenue (depending on the amount of work put into it by the artist)

  • twayne1twayne1 Posts: 43Member

    This would be the first game.

  • twayne1twayne1 Posts: 43Member

    I can make a small video showing it off if that would help...

  • twayne1twayne1 Posts: 43Member

    Nevermind no artist needed.

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