New gamesalad user and excited to be here!

LunadomeLunadome Posts: 12Member, BASIC

Hi everyone my names Paul aka Lunadome. I'm a postman by day and an enthusiastic beginner designer/developer by night (Once my 3 year old goes to bed that is).

I've been studying Gamesalad for about a month now watching hours of tutorials and practicing ideas within my free trial. Once that ran out I focused primarily on character design ideas and working on artwork until I had something I wanted to use.

As of today I'm subscribing to Gamesalad to start working on any idea that pops into me head. I've seen a variety of games that others have posted on here and it excites me to work on one of my own.

I started in college doing a degree with interactive multimedia focusing on 3d animation however as some of you may know once you start having a family it kind of goes out the window and I just got a normal job to provide for them. As she's getting older and starting school I'm trying to rekindle my love for design and this program looks like a fun opportunity for that.

I look forward to showing off some work and playing your guys creations too and being part of this forum community of Gamesalad.


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